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The Women in Orthodontics Study Group is the premier online study group dedicated solely to female orthodontists.  This FREE resource is a non-geographically exclusive group designed as a place of support and advice for women orthodontists around the world.

In general, you must meet the following membership requirements to join:

  1. Orthodontist or orthodontic resident
  2. Female
  3. Facebook account


It’s really pretty simple.  Occasional exceptions to membership requirements will be made if membership of someone who does not meet all requirements will benefit the group.  While it doesn’t happen often, posts may be deleted or members removed at the discretion of the administrator.

The Women in Orthodontics® Study Group is currently run through a closed Facebook group.  While posts are only visible to group members, please keep in mind that the group is not geographically exclusive and members have not signed a non-disclosure agreement.  Please visit this link to request membership.

As a female resident, it’s great to interact with other female orthodontist about handling work and family. To be honest, i felt really nervous about handling private practice and starting a family but after joining this group, I feel more comfortable about the idea and I believe I can do it. Overall, I love the support and the advice I get from this group. It’s truly priceless and I’m very grateful for it.

- Dr. Lilly Diaz -

I like the diversity of topics we discuss from business issues to having nannies or how to streamline your life as a doctor, mom, wife and business owner. I like the camaraderie. I feel more comfortable discussing with group of women who shares common interests when I have a question and/or post something. Please keep up the good work Courtney Dunn! I truly appreciate it!

- Dr. Adriana Da Silveria -

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