Mastermind Groups

Widely credited to Napoleon Hill’s iconic book “Think and Grow Rich”, mastermind groups are the “secret sauce” behind many successful entrepreneurs and business people.  Designed as a place for personal support, idea generation, education and accountability, mastermind groups have helped countless business owners reach new levels of success and satisfaction.

Let’s face it, being a business owner can be lonely.  Almost none of your friends, employees or even family really understands what you are doing or the problems you deal with.  And sadly you really can’t even share your victories and successes because of issues of jealousy.

That is why the Women in Orthodontics® Mastermind Groups are so beneficial.  These geographically exclusive groups provide women orthodontists with a serious commitment to grow their practices a safe and supportive community that will push them to new heights and not let them settle for less.

Private Coaching

If you need more personal attention, Dr. Dunn provides one on one private business coaching for a very limited number of women each year.  After an extensive individual evaluation, the two of you come up with a plan to move your business forward.  Whether you are building an office from scratch or trying to grow an existing practice, Dr. Dunn has the tools and experience to help you succeed. She along with key members of the Dunn Orthodontics team will assist you with your individual needs, help with implementation and hold you and your team accountable.

Private coaching is highly individualized and can be customized based on your needs.  Many private coaching clients find it beneficial to take part in a mastermind group as well but it is not required.  If you would like to learn more about private coaching, contact Dr. Dunn via Facebook Messenger.

Seminars and Workshops

Occasionally, Dr.  Dunn hosts one or two-day seminars and workshops on topics that will benefit women orthodontist’s businesses or personal lives.

These events are intended to be intimate gatherings allowing for interaction and discussion.  Because these events are intended for smaller groups, they tend to fill up quickly.  If you would like to receive emails when new seminars or workshops are scheduled, click here.

Dr. Dunn has been so generous with her advice and suggestions, especially to the young female orthodontists.  She took time to listen to me and my concerns and found me the help I needed.  I am truly grateful for her wisdom.

– Dr. Judy Hou –

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