Last weekend, I spend two days in St. Louis for in person meeting with the Council on Communications.  We spent a lot of time reviewing what we have achieved in the consumer awareness campaign and mapped out the future direction we would like to take.  In the spirit of communication, I would like to review with you a few achievements and plans so you understand what the COC is doing and what your dues assessment is funding.

Last year was the first phase in converting our consumer awareness campaign from an ineffective and expensive traditional model to a digital format.  This took a lot of time and effort.  The next step was to design creative that would appeal to the public and send the message to trust your smile to a specialist.  Finally, we worked on broadcasting our message out to the world using social media, Google AdWords, YouTube, and all things digital.

Our results over the last year were incredibly positive.  We set records every single month in all categories including, hits to our consumer website, social media pages and doctor locator.  These aren’t small increases – our consumer website has 6000% more traffic than last year (that is not a typo – 6000%)!  Check out our whiteboard video that was viewed by 30.5 million unique visitors.  Click here to watch it!  That’s equivalent reach to a Super Bowl ad without the extreme cost.

The primary focus for this year is to become the authority on information about orthodontic treatment.  With that in mind, we are revamping the website by increasing the informational content related to the most common orthodontic searches and to make it user friendly.  So, when someone starts a search on adult aligners, they come to the AAO site for answers to their questions and a call to action to see an orthodontic specialist.  We are also working on further differentiating ourselves from non-specialty care.

The COC realizes that our members need to know what is going on with the CAP.  If you have any suggestions on how to better inform the membership, please let me know.


Have a great day!


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