I am a busy working mom of three.  Trying to get all of the kid’s appointments and activities scheduled is always the number one priority for me.  So, when I looked in my medicine cabinet and realized I only had 15 pairs of daily contacts left, it wasn’t a big surprise.  Although, I had been getting reminders that I needed to schedule an appointment, my daughters 8th grade graduation and subsequent school trip, the middle child’s out of town swim camp, etc., etc. sort of became my priority.  Now that I was 15 days away from being sentenced to my glasses full time, I was definitely going to make an appointment.

I’ve been a patient at the same optometrist for the past seven years.  I’ve never been one to change providers and I made sure to attend my annual exams (give or take a couple months).  I called the office to make my appointment and the same person that has been there since I was a new patient answered the phone and took my information.  The receptionist has never been particularly warm and friendly, but she’s adequate.  After she looked me up, she informed me that they are booking about 8 weeks out.  Frustrated, I told them that was fine and scheduled an appointment that seemed more convenient for them than me.  I then asked if I could order some contacts for the next couple months – just to hold me over until my exam.  Pause.  “Well the doctor would need to OK that”.  That’s fine – just let me know.  Nothing.  Never heard back.

And this is what drove me to finally call the laser eye surgeon.  I had absolutely no desire to wait months for an appointment.  FYI – I actually made that decision before I was denied my extra contacts.  6-8 weeks was just too long for me to wait.  So, to those who have a long wait for your initial exams – remember me.  I’m a loyal patient.  I’m not a millennial, but I want an appointment when I want an appointment.  I highly suggest you adjust your schedule and don’t make people wait, because they are one moment away from picking up the phone and calling someone else who will make them a priority.  This isn’t a personality flaw of the patient, it’s a flaw in your systems.  So make some adjustments and keep the patients needs the number one priority.


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